Ecofriendly Candles Hand Poured in Aberdeenshire

At Spruce Homeware we believe candles are a home essential, whether you are relaxing in the evening or enjoying a cosy bath! 
This month we launched our new candle range from Arctis Design. We are so excited to be partnering with not only another wonderful small business, but a local business too!
Trio of Pillar Candles
Each candle is designed and handmade in Aberdeenshire, Scotland by small business Arctis Design. Arctis Design's vision is:
"To create unique and beautiful candles that give that unbeatable feeling of cosy comfort without compromising on the core values of sustainability and remaining environmentally friendly".
This is evident in the stunning and unusual candle designs part of the Arctis range. 
Two Tone Votive Cube Candle
Each candle is made using sustainable and eco-friendly resources.
Each candle is made using an ecosoy wax, entirely of plant materials and hasn't been tested on animals. This can reassure you that you are receiving a lovely candle which causes minimal harm to the environment. 
Trio of Candles on Mirrored Candle Tray
As we are spending so much more time at home this year, it is important that we have pretty home decor which creates a relaxing ambience.
These candles look perfect on our mirrored candle tray. 
Arranging our candles on a candle tray is the perfect way to catch any wax drips and will also reflect the warm candle light.  
Two Tone Bubble Candle
If you have been on Instagram over the past few months, you are sure to have discovered bubble candles. Arctis Design bubble candles combine this funky trend with their beautiful two-tone combinations. Available in pink and white or orange and white. 
Two Tone Layered Candle
Not only do we love the designs of this candle collection, they also smell incredible!!
Orange and white candles are scented with Elderflower & Country Garden for those who love a fresh scent and the pink and white candles are scented with Rhubarb and Rose for those who prefer a floral scent. 
We hope you love our collection of Arctis Design candles as much as we do!


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